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WOODSPLIT.COM Firewood Splitting


I use only manual tools--axe, maul, and wedge (no saws). They don't burn gas, diesel, or electricity, so my work is green, eco-friendly, and carbon-neutral.

I work on wood that's already sawn, that you already have on site. I don't supply, deliver, or saw firewood.

**Note: a cord is measured as a woodpile of split pieces, with the pile about 4 feet wide 4 feet high 8 feet long (128 cubic feet).


Split and stack your saw-cut rounds into firewood

...within the City of Portland:

$140 >> 1 cord into pieces about six inches across (we'll negotiate a price for more work to yield smaller pieces)

$0 >> travel

...outside the City of Portland:

$50 >> travel, per hour of my round-trip travel time to the work site


Roughly 2-inch wide pieces:

$50 >> per 1/8 cord (from already split larger pieces)


If your wood pile needs moving to a different location for stacking, we'll negotiate that based on distance/difficulty.

More Services

Stacking Only

If you have a pile of already split firewood, I can securely stack it (or re-stack it). If you have an unstable stack, I can stabilize it with one of several simple techniques.

$75 >> re-stack 1 cord

This is a side-hobby for me, not a profession. I am NOT licensed, bonded, nor insured.

If there's lots to split, or if the wood is very wet, twisty, or knotted, I may have to do it over multiple days. Travel compensation applies for each trip.

I'll be splitting at your site, so please be okay with some noise and mess while I'm working.

Please pay me in cash before I start to work. Or, if you have something to trade for my work, let me know when we first get in touch.

By hiring my services, you agree not to hold me responsible for damange or mess on the ground I'm splitting on, or its surroundings.


Send me an e-mail and I will gladly provide you with references from happy clients.

Craig in Portland, Oregon
email: woodsplit.com@gmail.com

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